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Coit Tower at night

Part of downtown SF enshrouded in fog

Cool way to sightsee in San Francisco

San Francisco skyline from Marin County

Golden Gate Bridge

Sandy in front of a famous SF Cable Car

Alcatraz Island in background of ship

Ghirardelli Square

Beautiful weather today in San Francisco. Alas, we can't say the same for parts of the city. As we entered the city yesterday, we saw scads of homeless men and women. We kind of chalked that up to the section we drove through. Today's bus tour showed us that the number of so-called "street people" was even more than we initially thought. That's a bummer for these people, the city, and tourists.

Somewhat to our surprise, there still were a great amount of tourists thronging almost every venue in the city. Consequently, we could not get to Alcatraz either today or tomorrow. Excessively long lines also deterred us from using the city's famous cable cars. We did not fancy waiting for 1.5 hours to take a ride. Since I am detailing disappointments, I'll finish by saying that Fisherman's Warf is now a major tourist mecca. That is shop after shop with "trinkets and trash" type merchandise. It was a surprise to see such a change in the area (granting it has been decades since the last visit). We did get some very good ice cream at a Ben and Jerrys stand. Sandy ordered Chunky Monkey, which she liked even though she intended to order Cherry Garcia, and I had a delicious sorbet of Berry, Berry, Extraordinary. Try it!

Our tour today did show many of the good sights of San Francisco, such as Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, Nob Hill, etc. The amount of construction is surprising, with new buildings arising and/or older ones being redone. Given our two prior destinations, Yosemite and Carmel, alas San Francisco paled by comparison today.

However, tomorrow we sail to Sausalito and then will take in a Giants baseball game in box seats.

Pictures attached to this update include Coit Tower at night, the Golden Gate Bridge, skyline of San Francisco, Ghirardelli Square, Sandy in front of a Cable Car, a new way to sightsee in San Francisco, and fog enshrouding part of the city's downtown area.

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