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Nuremberg, with its somber legacy of the rise and fall of the Third Reich and the trials of prominent Nazis held in its ruins is beyond that, a lovely city with a long Bavarian history. Though 90% of the city was reduced to rubble toward the end of WWII, the citizens used the remains and the historic plans to reconstruct the once-powerful city. It was here that the Romans planned and built a fortification and that the Prince Bishop constructed his palace. Nuremberg was also the sight, unfortunately, of Hitler's rise to dictator and where the speeches to thousands were made in the arena. We went to the arena, empty now where only the echoes of the cheers to the Fuhrer seem to whisper as you look toward the balcony where Hitler once stood to exhort his followers to try to exterminate the Jews and all who stood in his place.

Everywhere you turn, the past has been reconstructed and the gothic cathedral, once almost completely obliterated, now reaches to the sky again. Instead of building new and modern edifices, the people used the ancient city plans and old photographs to recreate their medieval town and it is quite lovely. We visited the cathedral and the Prince-Bishops residence on our way to the city square where the Easter market was in full swing catering to tourists and locals on hoiday this Easter Monday. There is an ornate gold-leafed fountain gracing the square and on the top of the Cathedral clocktower, an enormous glockenspiel. At noon, the glockenspiel figurines comes to life with men appearing to ring the bells, trumpeters raising their instruments and four Bishops circling round the emperor several times during the 4 minute show. It is like a giant cuckoo clock without the cuckoo.

Of course, we had to sample the local food and gorged ourselves on what they call "spaghetti" ice cream; a decadent creamy ice cream pumped through small tubes to create what looked like spaghetti but tasted like heaven. Other stalls were offering the local dark breads and rolls, sausages, cheeses, spices and pastries along with what we might find at Rice's market such as interesting kitchen utensils, and clothing items. There were even two "hawkers" complete with headset microphones demonstrating how their knife "slices and dices". Felt like home until you looked around to see the narrow, winding streets.

A beautiful, sunny day!

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