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So if there was one word in the Fijian language that I could master, it would be Bula. Apparently, this word means "hello" "goodbye" and everything in between and is literally uttered at each interpersonal interaction. Needless to say, the Fijians are constantly engaging us and could not be nicer or more willing to please. To that end Joana, one of the ladies working the Sunset Bar, has taken a personal interest in our family and has gone out of her way to make sure the kids are happy and Shea and I have everything we need.

If you were to ask the kids, today was a day focused on one thing only - hermit crabs. From collecting them to coaxing them out of their shell to racing them, the kids started early and finished late with these poor creatures. The tides here in Natadola Bay are unique in that low tide typically occurs in the morning and therefore, one can walk 100 yards out into the ocean in ankle deep water. This combination of low tide and coral reef creates an ideal picking ground for finding hermit crabs.

We've definitely settled into a pretty good routine at this point with a big breakfast around 9am, kids off to the pool/ocean for a few hours of fun and then lunch around 1pm. Hard to believe but the best thing on the lunch menu may be one of the simplest - a salmon bowl with raw salmon, avocado and ginger over top a bed of rice - incredibly delicious!

One of the other benefits of our trip and the fact that we started in New Zealand has been a growing affinity for rugby, specifically the All Blacks of New Zealand. As I mentioned previously, the final test match was last night against the British & Irish Lions. Unfortunately for all involved, it ended in a 15-15 draw, but to watch everyone gather in the main bar for the game was quite an experience - imagine Sanford Stadium, Georgia v Tennessee - that same kind of energy and passion. Definitely fun to watch and we'll likely try and get tickets to a "footy" match in Sydney when we are there.

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