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Dr. Megan


Jeff and Elise

Dolphins right ot the door

The ride down the coast from Paso Robles to Camarillo was quite beautiful although a little traffic filled. A stop for gas took on a drive through a historic residential area of Santa Barbara. From the passenger perspective it was nerve wracking and I hope we don’t do that again. But Tom was good with the side trip.  We decided to stay at Point Mugu which is a naval installation and they have an RV park. Point Mugu’s mission is special weapons testing. Tom told me that and we did not see any testing. The rv park didn't look like very much on the website but it was right on the beach and adjacent to a wetland and estuary. We were able to watch birds and seals very close at hand. Our host for the Camarillo visit where Madelyn’s #2 daughter Megan and her husband Jeff. They have 2 beautiful kids Dean and Elise. We had dinner at their house and their home is just beautiful!! It's also right next to a park makes it very very convenient. We enjoyed the evening talking about family, catching up on them and catching them up on us and our kids.

We made a plan for them to come out to Point Mugu the next morning for breakfast and a visit to the beach. Megan has lived in Camarillo most of her life but had not been out to Point Mugu so this was going to be a treat for her. They arrived in the morning - kids in tow with Dean ready to chase anything moving. Tom made breakfast burritos that were very good and we ate and walked down to the beach, checked out the estuary on the way, and then watched dolphins swim back and forth along the beach. So we had a great visit and another beach. We did not get many photos because we were so busy talking and walking.

We were leaving around noon to go down to Corona to see my cousin Doug. Megan and her family are on their way to a birthday party for one of Dean's friends.

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