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Custer is an excellent base for visiting Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. It’s just that this morning we awoke to rain and grey skies.

So, instead of going to those places to see cloud, we visited the Wind Cave. I was a bit worried going there… I’m claustrophobic. However, the caves weren’t very small, they had paved walkways and lights, so I didn’t have anything to worry about.

We had lunch at a Chinese buffet in Hot Springs (town name, not physical location of the food of said Chinese buffet). Oh how I miss Asian food. Then off to an in-situ dig site for the Wooley Mammoth and the Columbian Mammoth. Pretty interesting.

From there, we did a long drive around the perimeter, or half of the perimeter, of the Custer State Park where we got to see some of the animals wandering around. We had hoped to see the bison there, however, we were told we wouldn’t see them because….

…they were getting their vaccinations.

Apparently they get herded up once a year for their shots. Who knew?

The bison photo you see is one we saw at the Wind Cave Reserve. Those ones don’t get vaccinations.

The weather seemed to clear up in the late afternoon, so fingers-crossed that it stays that way so that we get good views of Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

Oh... and since we've been here, we haven't been able to get that song out of our heads. Which song?

Take me back to the black hills,

The black hills of Dakota

To the beautiful Indian country that I lo-ove

Lost my heart in the black hills,

The black hills of Dakota

Where the pines are so high

That they kiss the sky above.

Good luck getting that out of your head now.

(Or if you don't know it, watch Calamity Jane).

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