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Extreme side winds across the interstate, Palm Springs

Stopped in Banning for lunch

North out of Beaumont to Cherry Valley

He put us inside the Bay for the night due to weather

RV Service Bay and Man Cave

Guys stuff all over the walls

Sign on the door

The yard of the RV Service

Looking north out the gate

Old farm equipment decorate his yard


More out front on the street side of his fence

Out campsite in front of the service bays

The afternoon brought heavy hail

On our morning walks

Friendly and curious neighbor

After the hail, San Gorgonio Mtn. has snow

Driving around we found orchards

We took Bluff Street

Along Bluff Street is a huge wash

Looking south at San Jacinto

Cool house along the bluff

Lots of horses in the area

Looking south along the wash

Coming down from the Shelf, Sun Lakes spreads out

Brilliant sunset over Cherry Valley

During our week in Indio we had a little problem with our Aqua Hot System that our friend Kevin couldn’t work on. He recommended someone in Cherry Valley, so we went to stay at his shop on March 6th.

It was a windy day as we left Indio, but what we encountered going through the Palm Springs area on Interstate 10 was VERY intense gusts. It was blowing sand across the highway so bad that it made it difficult to see even a few car lengths ahead. Everyone was buffeting around in their lanes, so the traffic slowed to about 30 mph as we struggled along in the wind. It was a little frightening to say the least.

We stopped at our favorite little sub shop in Banning and proceeded to Cherry Valley, just north of Beaumont. There were newly developed housing tracts next to large older property lots with farm animals.

The RV repairman had a large lot with a small house in front and a large 3 bay RV shop in the back and he also had some RV storage on his property. He took us inside a service bay for the night due to the weather. Inside the building was his “Sanctuary”, like a man cave. Kitchen, bar, bathroom, living room furniture and everything; and all the wall space was decorated with guy stuff.

We had a cold front blow through that brought snow to the nearby mountain tops and lots of hail in Cherry Valley which covered our car.

During the few days we were there we went for a drive on this north side of the Banning Pass. We found a road that took us up to Bluff Street with a view of a wide arroyo that came down from San Gorgonio Mountain down into the pass. It looked like it could have been an ancient cataclysmic wash or coulee.

We got photos of San Jacinto Mountain to the south and the road up to our membership campground Silent Valley. Up here on what is called “The Shelf” were some very lovely huge homes with horses and other animals. As we came down from the Shelf, we saw how large the community of Sun Lakes was across the valley floor in Banning.

Daily, while waiting for RV parts, we started our mornings off with a walk through the neighborhood, past the rural homes and along the suburban housing tracts. One house had a big, old friendly dog that would greet Daisy and I, and then his pet turkey would scurry up to the fence to see who we were, gobbling the whole time he waddled.

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