The South Island of New Zealand -winter 2015/16 travel blog

No photos today since my camera shut down awaiting a recharge. We didn't leave Kaikoura until almost 12:45 since we were able to get Seth a dr. appt in the morning to get antibiotics for a respiratory infection. The doctor he saw was from Idaho! Drove 2 hours on highway 1 - beautiful coastal highway for the first 45 minutes, then sheep for awhile, then we hit the Marlborough District -- the wine/vineyard growers of the south island. Mile after mile of vineyards and signs for numerous wineries along the way. Blenheim, our destination for tonite and tomorrow is a city of around 29,000 but not much to do here. This is the place folks stay when they get off the ferry in Picton having sailed across Cook Strait from Wellington. Picton is about 20 miles from here and we will likely head there tomorrow to play for the day before returning here for the nite. If you come to the South Island and drive along the major highway #1 be prepared for a LOT of big trucks traversing the winding road from the top of the island all the way to the bottom. Not many major roads on the South Island so much of the traffic is funneled to highway 1. Part of the reason for this is the massive (and beautiful) Southern Alps that run a large section of the north to south middle of the island. This kinda creates either the west coast highway that goes from Westport to Queenstown or the east coast highway (#1) that goes the length of island . Between large masses of land that are livestock related, the Southern Alps, vineyard growers and the general low population of the island, road systems are not abundant. But the whole package is a beautiful place God created on this earth and we would recommend it to anyone.

10,805 steps -- total driving 3.5 hrs including around Kaikoura and Blenheim.

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