2015 Myrtle Beach Bound travel blog

My True Love

The happy couple

Paddle boat race

Gavin taking mom on ride

Chip with his load

Addie waiting for funel cake

Family dinner

Friends visit

Today, 45 years ago, is the best day of my life, I married Norma June Candice Pohl. She has been a saint putting up with me all these years and I am thankful she did. She raised 4 wonderful children, kept me on the straight and narrow, and made it possible for us to enjoy our golden years. Yes it was truly a day in history that made my life.

We celebrated our anniversary with a day at the beach and time at the pool. We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate this great day. I think our generation may be the last one to have anniversaries for that many years of marriage, there will be the exceptions, but on marriage is getting to be a thing of the past.

As evening is approaching the kids want to take a paddle boat ride on the little lakes here in Pirateland Campground. Chip, Logan, Candy and Addie decided to take one boat which means Chip and Logan will do all the propelling of the boat. Katie and Gavin took another boat which Gavin let his mom relax as he paddled the boat. They had a good time but it is tiring on a person’s legs. After this we made our way to our anniversary dinner, Funnel Cakes.

We had our Funnel Cakes and deep fried Oreo’s which all were good. We strolled back to the motorhome because all the kids were tired from a day in the sun and sand. That does take it out of a person just relaxing on the beach. The swamp is pretty drained of frogs.

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