John and Janet 2015 Alabama travel blog

Oh The Gnome

Oh at the Beach

Oh's Shell Collection

It is a late start travel day. We must be tired. Neither one of us wants to get on the road early.

Route 17 is a good route. There is nothing exciting to report. Midday, we make a Walmart and lunch stop.

We decide to stop at Huntington Beach State Park. We will be settled in by 2:30.

We reach the park with no problem. The first sign we see reads “Campground Full.” We ignore it. I am not prepared to drive further.

I check in at the office.

“Only one night?”


“Do you need a full hookup?”


“We have a spot for you.”

As I walk back to the RV, I give John a big thumbs up. He is greatly relieved!

After we settle in, I take the short walk to the beach. It is just what I need after riding all day. I take some pictures with our new mascot, Oh the Gnome.

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