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It is kind of hard to imagine how big the Atlantic Ocean is...you see it on the map, it doesn't look as big as the Pacific, but here we are on day five steaming at a very good rate of 17-20 knots, starting out with the assistance of the gulf stream and we still aren't even to the Azores yet. Can you imagine doing this back in the day of our grand and great grand parents? When it took at the very least two weeks? Had another good lecture on the transatlantic races for supremacy in speed between Cunard and the ill-fated White Star. The captain of the Titanic apparently had quite a few mishaps and lapses in judgment before the final one. Love it when study and travel intersect...remember the Lusitania bringing America into World War I? We didn't talk about the German Embassy actually warning us about transiting in Lusitania. Everyone thought it could outrun U boats because she was so fast, about 26 knots, but in order to save fuel, they shut down some boilers to save fuel which brought it down to about 17 knots...not fast enough, apparently. We learned about ocean liners that were used as troop carriers, some 16000 troops with life boats for 8000? Churchill said this closed the war months sooner by bringing so many to Europe so quickly.

We have been losing an hour every day or so, which changes at 2pm instead of at night. Previous passengers prefer it going east, whereas time changes west go at night. Seems pretty seamless although dinner comes around pretty quickly...like we need to eat more!!

From the high temp of the trip of about 87, temps are coming down to a very pleasant 67. We are heading back to the same latitude as Washington DC.

We have been able to dust off some Indonesian words for the crew which is always fun. We remembered the naming sytem for Bali which is similar to how its done in some African countries by day of week, except it goes by number...anyone remember? Bueller? Anyone? Answers later.

OK, the artist (not the character, sorry about that, Ba) was Roy Lichtenstein...did any kids actually know it? Two moms did, Kelly, and one wasn't even CC, Lisa! Argh Matey, had a great answer from Chris about a nautical mile being 1/60 or a degree!! Good one!! No takers on distance? How about miles hiked in a day? Had a good guess in km from Singapore, Aby! Thanks for reading! You guys make me feel like somebody actually does!!

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