it's off to Central America travel blog

beach in Playa del Carmen



main street


a silver shop


nice cat



just a swinging














from my balcony





ferry to Cozumel




interesting door

slept in a bit this morning and today is a easy day nothing planned, down for some breakfast at the hotel, some pictures uploaded for my travel blog, a walk around the area down to the beach for a 70 minute massage for $20.00 usd was great hearing the waves, then a swim, some lunch, need lots of sunscreen the sun is very hot, saw lots of pale people turn red during the day. some more walking about the main street, then off to check out my next hotel will be moving there on Saturday to join my tour group, it is only about 4 blocks away. Back to my room for a bit of down time the back to the beach, some dinner tonight it is out for a steak Mexican style was very good, a new York steak with couple beers. checked out some of the night lots of bars with loud music lots of young people living it up. headed to bed around 2:00am but heard parting going on until about 5:00am lots of drunk people.

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