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Old Duck in the campground

Celebrating Susan's birthday with gelato and waffles

City of Deventer from our campground

We spent the last three nights in a lovely city named Deventer. It is a city not visited by many tourists but it should be because it was a great walking town and lots of fun to explore. Our campground was very close to the city center. We could walk about a quarter of a mile to a bridge or take the passenger ferry that was about two minutes walking distance from our campground. Once across the river Ijssel we were in the old town city center. There was a street carnival set up in the central market place. The carnival looked exactly like carnivals in the USA with roller coaster rides, food vendors, cotton candy, and carnival games. All of the rides had names in English like Thriller and Super Mouse. The streets were packed with people walking around the carnival. Most shops are closed on Sunday but were open this Sunday because of the carnival.

Trying new food is always a fun part of traveling. The speciality of this town is Deventer koek (cake) which is a spiced gingerbread cake with honey. It tasted like a cross between fruit cake and soap. My apologies to the citizens of Deventer.

The river Ijssel is over flowing its banks and people camped right next to the river had to move their campsites. Many parts of Europe including the Netherlands and Germany have been receiving unusually heavy rainfall and flooding is occurring. Fortunately, it has not rained for the past few days and the forecast is for dry weather.

Today is Susan's 58th birthday which we celebrated by eating a giant chocolate gelato sunday and caramel waffle.

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