RV Trip to places we missed and some we have already seen travel blog

Saturday morning Sept 8th at 7 am, did not start out well

over the Tappen Zee Bridge headed towards Long Island

Sham loves the Toll Booth stops

Another bridge, Trogsneck Bridge to Long Island

Trying to beat the storm that is chasing us, as it turned...

Joe, Cindy and Frankie (cousins)

Joe and Frankie

We left EARLY Saturday morning to "beat traffic" heading to Long Island. Well, we hit construction and traffic. Ugh. Then we knew the weather was going to turn bad so we were in a rush to beat it too. We arrived in Huntington Station Long Island around 10 am. We met Joe's cousin's wife Cindy, then throughout the day into the night we kept meeting more and more of Joe's cousin's family. We spent Saturday night and Sunday night and had a wonderful visit. The weather was perfect on Sunday. The trip was fabulous. Things were a little tight though, power lines are low, trees not trimmed for big trucks to clear and streets were not very wide but we made it through it all, all things considered.

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