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July 24, 2012

As Ash and Kels would say—the day started as a bit of a “shit show”. I decided to follow my “Arnie” gut to find the start of the route (as opposed to following the map)—11 kms later and back-tracking a number of times we finally found the start of the route—which we had passed at least once. Consequently, instead of a 60 km route, we went 71 kms (2654 calories).

We traveled to another couple of beach resorts (Blankenberge and De Haan)---the Belgium people know how to stack themselves on the Beach and in Condos facing the Beach—its like Kelowna on steroids--there were people everywhere.

We traveled through Polders (areas that have been reclaimed from the sea) and ended up on a great ride along the canal Oostende-Brugges. Lots of cyclists and it appeared to be a number of club rides with serious riders fully kitted out. We were buzzed by a scooter going wide open with a racer behind—he was training to draft at high speeds.

In the square last night we were treated to a carillon concert played on the 47 bells of the Bell Tower--more details to follow.

Today, when we finished our ride, we sampled more Belgium Beer including one tap beer that was cherry flavored—Lorne, we toasted you with this one.

I put in a picture of a roll-up bridge. Biking along the canals, we have seen a myriad of different bridges that have to open to allow the boat traffic to pass through.

We are of to sample some of the famous Belgium Chocolate—will report tomorrow.

Al & Sue

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