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Pony Express Museum

Campground Pond

Enough For Dinner?

We leave Hannibal and cross northern Missouri. We use Route 36. Officially, Route 36 is not an interstate but it is destined to become one. It is a four lane divided highway. We are traveling at much higher speeds then we like. We break the day up with a Wal-Mart stop and lunch at a truck stop.

Even though we arrive at St. Joseph before 12:00, we are both tired. Nonetheless, we drive into town to visit the Pony Express museum.

The museum is easy to find and there is parking. It is a small museum so things look good. There is even a fifteen-minute video. All looks good.

Unfortunately, there are two small well-behaved school groups with two VERY LOAD tour guides. They could both be heard throughout the museum. I think they were competing with each other. We cannot stand it and leave.

We are at the campground by 1:30. We need an afternoon to kick back. John heads to the pond to catch some huge fish. I do the laundry. I read and use their exercise machines.

Campground: AOK Campground

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