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Met at 10ish in Uyuni and our first stop was a Train Cemetery...basically a load of abandonned trains on a disused track..all rusted quickly due to the salt around. Was pretty cool to climb over them all. I asked why they werent just melted down for iron..but apparently the tourist industry holds more money than that would make. Seems a bit of a waste! But oh well!

So we stayed here for 20minutes. Then got back in our 4x4 with our guide, Freddy who supposedly didnt speak any english, which was fine for me..easier than i thought it would be! Then a guy from holland, 2 Canadians and an American. Were all really nice actually which was a plus!

Then off to the Salt Flats! took a while of driving over a load of flat plains...then arrived and it was really flooded! about a foot deep! Really surprising actually..Freddy said it was deeper around the edges which kind of went agains my theories. And all of its rain water...covering the whole thing! And takes about a month at least to dry off...but then its all white again! There were so many other 4x4s with tourists in of course..but apart from these big trucks with local Bolivians shovelling Salt into them..apparently only 25 Bolivianos a Kilo..which is about 2 pounds!! Really bad...

So finally we arrived at the Salt Hotel...entirely made out of salt..was pretty cool but for somereason i thought it would be on the same level as the Ice Hotel in James Bond....but no! Ha..and 70 dollars a night! Rip off! But anyway...we went out and took photos while Freddy made us up some lunch...Was actually really hard to make them good...took ages! And the salt hurt underneath my bare feet!!

We took a break for lunch and sat on these salt stools at a salt table...had a really nice steak and veg and fruit. Really good Bolivian Food..of course Rice AND potatoes!

Then Back to the pictures...took soo long! and so many takes. Then when I got back I saw that I only had 1 good pic...and the American hadnt told us to move to the best the illusion was completely ruined...just looked that was quite annoying! But oh well!

Drove then to see this rock that looked like a bird amoungst all these volcanic rocks...which was, again, cool to climb on!

Then drove a long long way to our hostel....pretty average and all in one room...had a very late supper of chickhem and chips! Then bed for a nice sleep before and early get up!

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