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Our home for the night onboard the boat

Scenery is just breathtaking

Us trekking through the jungle of Cat Ba Island

Stunning views once we reached the top of the trek

More islands, with hidden entrances into rocks

So enough of the sun, time to go North to rain and rip off's.. We arrived in Hanoi and went straight to a hotel where we were sold the tours straight away, one to Halong Bay and one to Sapa North of the city.

Halong Bay is about 3 hours North of Hanoi and is a remarkable place, made by nature, or if you beleive the myths, by an angry dragon whose tail whipped through the land and split the land into hundreds of little islands, I think we'll go with the former. A night on the boat and a night in the hotel to go trekking and kayaking the following day. A fantastic place to visit cruising through the waters, like a mill pond. We managed to kayak and trek all in one day, a little cold but a fab experience.

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