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Dock at El Remate

Relaxing on the dock at sunset

Sunset over Lake Peten Itza

Massive ceiba tree at Tikal

Temple I

Temple I from top of temple II

Kylan on the ruins


Cool coati

Our original plan was to take a flight from Antigua to the northern part of Guatemala, but flights were booked up for days. So we ended up taking a 12 hour overnight bus ride to Flores - a good sleep was NOT had by all!

We were now in jungle territory, the climate much warmer and more humid. From Flores we took another shuttle to a small quiet town called El Remate on a scenic lake. We spent a day relaxing and swimming in the lake, and recovering from our bus ride. The next day we went to visit the ruins of Tikal.

Tikal was amazing with its huge pyramid structures set amidst the lush jungle. We climbed a couple of the tallest buildings for great views of the jungle canopy. It rained on and off while we were there, which made the limestone paths and structures very slippery! Some of the creatures we spotted were collared coatis, a gibnut, wild ocellated turkeys, a toucan and a aracari, which is a relative of the toucan.

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