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Random friends gesturing (New Year's Eve)

Charlie moving at the speed of light

Jer getting saucy

Laura and Brooke

Brian recovers in a cozy, velvety poang on New Year's Day

Sam and I have spent New Year's Eve with some smattering of the same group of Detroiters for the past nine years . . . in fact, we met at a New Year's Eve party at one of their houses nine years ago. This year we collected at Brooke and Jer's house in Detroit proper for a bash that they hosted. A lot of people showed up and there was plenty of beer and gunfire to issue in the new year. I made it to bed around 3:30 and I think Sam was up quite a bit longer, so no one in the house was stirring on New Year's Day until 11:30 or 12:00.

New Year's Day itself was VERY chilled out - Amy Fleischmann whipped up a breakfast skillet for those that remained, and Brooke went through the arduous task of making Cinnabon rolls. Betty Crocker and Cinnabon have teamed up to bring the delicious taste of Cinnabon rolls to your own kitchen, but it was pretty damn complicated (add sugar mix and stir seven times). We only left the house once to get some dinner. There was talk of going to a movie, but none of us felt like standing up to check the times. Once we had some dinner in us (La Shish, yum), we were rejuvenated and pulled another very late night of games and beverages.

Sunday was a movie day. Sam went to see Life Aquatic again with the rest of the household while I worked on my grad school application. The group arrived home, freshened up, and then we all went for Indian food and to see the new Jeunet movie, A Very Long Engagement. Sam and I need to get our fill of movies, since I'm guessing we might not be watching as many in Guatemala.

On Monday, we went and stayed the night at our friends Mike and Julie's house. We made pizza with the assistance of their 4 year old daughter Ella (a fantastic chef herself) and then hung out and sipped coffee until fairly late. Mike was starting his new job the next day, and Julie had to be up at about 4:30 a.m., but neither one of them crashed until 1:00 a.m. or so. Quite impressive!

Tuesday was spent packing and wrapping up some loose items for our trip and hanging out with Brooke and Jer for one last night. We have one more day to get our stuff together, and we fly out at the ass-crack of dawn on Thursday!

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