Claes Johansson Asia 2008 travel blog

Wat Po.

Recleaning Buddha.

Wat Po.

Buddha is never far away.

One of the Royal barges

Another one.

A third one.

The finest one. The king's barge.

View from the entrance.

5 March

Wat Po is Thailand's largest temple complex. Just like neighboring Grand Palace, Wat Po includes many imaginative figures and buildings, much gold and Buddha is always present and never far away. Even for a non-Buddhist like me, I find it calm and relaxing to stroll around the area and for a while get away from the traffic noise.

Across the Chao Phrya River are the Royal Barges Museum situated. These boats are only used one time per year in a ceremony at the river. Even if the boats were stripped of all decorations, they were still worth to see.

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