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Glass window from the gas filled church

Bro & Me at Edinburgh Castle

Part of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle View

Wombles on the bus

So pleased to see my brother here. It was nice for once to be picked up from the airport and to be be able to shoot the crap with him again.

Edinburgh is a great place, and the Scots are very friendly. Everything is 'wee' tho... "have a wee wait lassie"... "be with you in a wee minute"... "thats a fine wee shoe".....

Had a site-seeing day with Paul, and we visited a very cool church (I forget the name... damn...)... anyhow it had heaps of history with Scotsman killing all sorts, and the whole building was carved out of stone.

It had some fab stained glass, and I would of liked to spend some significant time in there, however, my brother was experiencing some...well.. gastric issues... and it wasn't safe or advisable to stand in one place near him too long.

After a short but firm conversation with him we moved onto visiting Edinburgh castle.

Edinburgh castle was very cool, and we moved amongst the buildings listening to audio commentry headphones. So much history here, it's hard to imagine how the Scots put up with the English for as long as they did.

Walking around outside the buildings I had to speak to my brother again. I can't believe it... we were outside and it was windy!

We sat inside part of the castle and watched a short film (can't remember what it was understandably), and the combination of too many late nights... a warm location... a comfy chair... well, it caused me to have a short nap.

This upset Paul greatly, who felt very annoyed after all the trouble he went to for the day... :)... I blame his backside for gassing me steadily throughout the day.

Other points of interest:

- Tried Haggis, surprisingly good

- Found a really great hat, but I did see myself getting ribbed for it. Coming from a land known for it's sheep, and buying a Scottish shepards hat, well... I wasn't brave enough.

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