Alaska Team 2007 travel blog

Today was a bitter-sweet mixture of excitement and sorrow. We were all excited to be going home, but sorrowful that the mission trip had come to and end. We joined our friends, Sharon and PC, for breakfast at 8:00am. The hotel served a fancy buffet with a large variety of both Western and Thai-style selections.

At 9:30am we checked-out of the hotel, and loaded our bags into PC's van for our final ride to the airport. At the busy drop-off area, we unloaded our bags onto carts, and then took time for prayers, photos, and hugs before entering the terminal. Then we checked our luggage, got our boarding passes, and exchanged our Thai Baht for US Dollars. Then we entered the immigration section, and inched through the crowded, slowly-moving security-check lines. We had arrived 2-1/2 hours prior to our flight departure, and used most of that time getting through immigration. (We would recommend arriving three hours early in this airport). Finally, we were released to the international side of the terminal, and made our way to our boarding gate for Eva Airlines.

Once onboard, we enjoyed a meal, a movie, and a nap during our 3-1/2 hour flight to Taipei, Taiwan.

During our two-hour layover, we snacked, read, checked the internet, journaled, and visited. Then it was back on the plane to head for San Francisco, California, USA.

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