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I don't like your handbag - off with your head !

And I don't like your handbag either


Meherangarh fort (left side)

Meherangarh fort (right side)

Quality fort

The final fort gate of 3, the Lohapol, or Iron Gate

Meherangarh fort palace

Sati hand prints of Maharaja's widows who threw themselves on his funeral...

The palace now houses a museum

Gold and glass human carrying vehicle thing

Dog/pig/crocodile cannon

Emperor Akbar's sword - bottom one (he reigned 1556-1605)

Silver idol worshipped by women for the protection of their husbands at...

Inside the Phool Mahal (Flower Palace)

Jaswant Thada - white marble memorial to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II

So, why is it called the blue city then ?

Fancy baby cradle

Cannon's eye-view

Now, how could we resist a sunset ? (left side)

Now, how could we resist a sunset ? (right side)

Quality - jodhpurs in Jodhpur

Meherangarh fort at night

The train was delayed and then was slow (taking 9 hours instead of 7) so we arrived in Jodhpur at 1 in the morning, had to wake up the hostel staff with a strange tweety bird bell and were shown to our room. We have added the pictures of the wall-paintings in the room to our weird and wacky room collection.

We got up after a few hours kip to explore Meherangarh fort, which was the best fort we have visited yet. The audio tour was brilliant, there was no need to have a guide and the explanations were interspersed with Bangra tunes. The views of the blue city (why's it called that then ?) were superb although when you are in the city it is a bit of mare with crazy cubes of blue everywhere (easier to remember the way from the different piles of cow poo).

We only stayed a day, but really wished we'd had longer to explore Jodhpur. We arranged a car and driver for the next day to take us to Udaipur via Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh. Nearly forgot - still solid.

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