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Young men playing music on the beach

Following a hard 5 hour drive thru the Cascade and Coastal Mountains, we arrived at the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. What a sight to behold, the clouds hanging over the coastal mountains. Also, the wild azaleas growing on the roadside were beautiful. At Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park we again found our campsite to be outstanding. The creek ran beside us, and it was a true babbling creek.

Weather was cool and refreshing.

This park was established 75 years ago and sits in the middle of the Redwood National Parks. The towering redwoods (world's tallest trees) survive only on this narrow strip along the Pacific Coast from central CA to southern Oregon. In an effort to protect and preserve the remaining redwoods, these parks were established

We visited the Lady Bird Grove and Nature Trail where Lady Bird dedicated the National Park. As we walked the trails and gazed up the immense truck to the highest reaches of a redwood tree one feels a powerful sense of ones own smallness. Capable of ascending to heights over 360 feet, coast redwoods tower over all living things on the planet. Thank you Lady Bird!

We explored the Fern Canyon, which is within the park, a unique ½ mile long, 30 foot high canyon covered with cascading ferns. This canyon was used as a scenic backdrop in the Jurassic Park movie. I went by myself while Del watched Annie and lost my way and just knew a T Rex was watching me. Also sighted the Roosevelt Elk which are abundant in the Park. Gold Beach is an access to the sea shore and it's an incredible sight to see 2000 lbs elk grazing on the beach with the Pacific Ocean in the backdrop. Two young men were playing old Irish ballads on the beach. Again, awesome is the only way to explain.

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