Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Our breakfast restaurant - on Route 66

LUKE kept watch over us at breakfast, downtown Williams, AZ

Linda's guy and an animated man (guess which)

Lunch at Route 66

Downtown Williams, AZ

Sign on a dimestore building

Indians and wolf poker players

Our RV park

View from our RV park

Down the bluff from the RV park-they didn't know they were 'ambiance'

Cat in the cage that fit into window of the RV-Clever...

This was really a special stop in our travels. We stayed at Canyon Gateway RV Park in Williams, AZ. What a campground! The RVs were parked on the ridge of a bluff. There was a train yard down-the-way and we could 'hear the lonesome whistles blow' at night. It was Very Windy on the bluff.

Williams had a reputation as a rough, tough and rowdy frontier town. It had saloons and brothels, opium dens and gambling houses. These catered to cowboys, loggers, Chinese workers and railroad personnel. In 1901 a railroad spur line was built to the Grand Canyon and Williams was known as the 'Gateway to the Grand Canyon'. In 1926 US Highway 66 was established through Williams. (Better known as Route 66.)

Williams is now a quaint 'old' town. We ate breakfast at a tiny restaurant with a giant wooden cowboy named 'Luke' peering over our shoulders as we ate. Had lunch one day at Route 66 Restaurant which was full of 50's memorabilia. Site seeing and shopping downtown was fun. The old buildings had creaky floorboards and old thick paned windows.

David went wild - becoming a true cowboy...new cowboy hat, new gun holster and belt to go with his gen-u-wine spurs for his cowboy boots.

We were able to ride up to the Grand Canyon from Williams. Uh, I meant: THE GRAND CANYON. What a grand, wonderful place! We were able to take Ron's Jeep on the tour and were therefore able to stop at any of the viewing points. There were a lot of, "Oh, my goodness!" and "Look, look, look!" and, "Stop, I need to take a picture!".

To say it is magnificant is an understatement. Period.

I could go into the history of how the Grand Canyon was formed, but let's make this short:

About 70 million years ago, heat and pressure generated by two colliding plates induced mountain build-ups in western N. America. An area known as the Colorado Plateau was raised more than 10,000 feet. The Colorado River carried sand and gravel, cutting through layer after layer of rock. ......... So, Big Bang of two plates of earth, up came the Colorado Plateau, down came the Colorado River to carve the rocks, and- TA DA, the Grand Canyon.

At any rate, it is absolutely, wonderfully unbelievable and beautiful!

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