Nick & Gill's Round the World Trip 2006/7 travel blog

Ferry landing at Moon Point, Fraser Island

Henning - our German tour guide

Eli Creek, Fraser Island

Maheno Shipwreck, Fraser Island

Nick swimming in Lake Garawongera, Fraser Island

Stunning Seventy Five Mile Beach

HERVEY BAY\FRASER ISLAND - Wednesday 6th December to Thursday 7th (Days 40 & 41)

After the long 14 hour bus journey down from Airlie Beach, arriving at 01:30, we spent the rest of Wednesday relaxing, with a pleasant walk around Hervey Bay.

Thursday morning we were up early for a day trip to Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world. We had chosen another small group tour, around 14 people, and were met by our eccentric German tour guide Henning for the one hour ferry crossing to the island. Henning turned out to be completely mad. His first words to us were "Follow me or die!" He drove the 4wd minibus around the island at break neck speed (the island has no sealed roads just sand tracks), it was like being in a tumble dryer for the entire day. Gill and I were glad we had some travel sickness pills on us! Not surprisingly the way Henning drove he managed to break the gears on the vehicle. We had to wait for a replacement, which fortunately didn't take too long in coming as they keep spares on the island as they continually break down. The replacement was an older much larger 4wd BUS!! It was barely able to fit down the tracks, but that didn't stop Henning thrashing it. Indeed at one point he thought he'd broken that as well. It was becoming farcical.

Having said all that Fraser Island itself was beautiful. From thick rainforest to the stunning Seventy Five Mile Beach, it really deserves a 2/3 day trip due to its size, but sadly we didn't have enough time for that. This day trip really just gave us a flavour of the place. Sadly though we didn't come across any Fraser Island dingos, the purest in Australia, now almost gone from the island. Many were killed by authorities after a series of attacks and the death of a nine year old boy in 2001, and many have starved because their ability to hunt had been lost due to tourists feeding them, which has now been banned. A very sad story.

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