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Our Tiny Dorm-Sized Room at the Ann Black YWCA In Kowloon



As so often happens when we anticipate a difficult time, life hands us a surprise. The plane was fairly spacious, we had seats along the side, only two per row instead of three, with easy access to the washrooms. We settled in for our thirteen-and-a-half-hour flight feeling rested and relaxed.

As in the past, we had pre-ordered special meals - Asian vegetarian. The best thing about special meals is that the airlines serve you first and you don't have to worry about them running out of the meat course and only being left with a fish entree. A long cold Tanqueray Gin and tonic topped things off and I settled in for a great afternoon nap while we cruised on towards Hong Kong. Anil finds it almost impossible to sleep on airplanes so he worked on his Sudoku puzzles and read a book. Too bad he chose a rather mediocre red wine instead of the sleep-inducing G&T.

The flight seemed shorter than any we've had to Asia before, mostly due to the relatively comfortable seating, the pleasant service from the Air Canada staff, and the fact that I managed to sleep much of the way. A second G&T may have played a small part in this. As it was, we arrived in Hong Kong feeling pretty humane and launched ourselves into the humid evening air.

An airport shuttle bus delivered us to the Ann Black YWCA in Kowloon and our first home-away-from-home in Asia. After a short walk to the nearest convenience store for overnight "emergency food" we each took a sleeping pill to help with the jet lag and settled in for a good, horizontal sleep. We awoke refreshed and ready to take on Hong Kong!


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