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Hello people!

I feel like I haven't talked to anyone forever. As Ash said we had two jam packed days in Delhi. It was really fantastic we saw temples and forts and mosques and lights shows and all sorts.

It took us five hours to get to Agra from Delhi and I didn't feel very well the whole way. In our burgular den, sorry "guest house" I only seemed to get worse and its really hot here which makes it twice as bad. About 40 C, dont know what that is in F sorry oldies. Anyway I threw up A LOT and went to see a Dr. I was put on an IV drip and spent the next 6 days in hospital which was a bit crap to say the least. I could have come up with better things to do.

Don't worry mum I'm great now. Promise. In fact I was ok after about 3 days but they just wouldn't let me go. Everything takes forever here so they'd give me a blood test and I wouldn't get the results for 10 hours. We did have a tv with 2 english channels though. We became dangerously addicted to Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen and got in 10 films including such classics as The Real McCoy and Home Alone 4! One way to look at it is that we had free food and accomodation with AC and a tv. Better than where we were staying! On my last night I got fed up and sent Ash out for an epic Pizza Hut takeaway. Garlic bread, pizza, 7up and "Dodgeball" There wasn't a single powercut during the film either.

So I'm free now from the near solitary confinement of the hospital and free of e-coli too. We saw the Taj Mahal this morning. (Finally, after a week in Agra) Went at 6am and there were no crowds, well for the first five minutes. It was worth it though. The building really is beautiful. Its made of slightly translucent marble and changes colour with the sun. This apparently is the secret of its beauty. So now you know eh? Some bloke at the computer next to me is singing to me which is really annoying. Not sure how to let him know. Fingers in my ears? Also there is no USB on this computer so no classic travelling pic outside the Taj just yet.

Because we lost a weeks travelling time, were not really sure of our plans. Today were going to Jaipur and then we have to decide. Mumbai and Rajastan or Rajastan and the North?? The North is a much more bareable temperature.

Now I'm out I'll try and get a sim. Don't text to our Sri Lanka number now. Doesn't work here. I'll ring soon dad mum loz. Missing you. Dad think we'll probably cancel with Sanjay but I'll ring him tomorrow.

love e-coli Fiona and smelly Ashley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps. our hospital was like something out of the twilight zone. A creepy old half hotel half hospital. We crept round it one night when I was feeling claustrophobic and it was really scary. All the furniture was still in this hotel but there was no guests and only one creepy member of staff ooooh!!

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