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Happy, Happy and Happy

We survived the 40+mph blow of yesterday and the cold of last night. My baby doesn't yet know that temps approached freezing in the night or that I had to go out in the cold dark night to switch from an empty to full propane tank so she could sleep in comfort. My bath robe needs a liner I think.

El Paso was not on this leg of the journey, but the lung/altitude/route change put us here and allowed three additional days with a dear and special friend. Add to his friendship the fact that he knows where to eat, and it was well worth the return trip. Mexican is his specialty and we sure do like the real thing. Last night we cooked in and he got to sample my crawfish etouffee.

We've now said our "goodbye for now's" and hope to see him in October.

We begin our journey across Texas this morning, still with no definite plans, but we think we may find ourselves at a seashore for our anniversary. Tonight's stop is scheduled at Fort Stockton. Who knows what might be waiting for us there.

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