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first sunset in Santorini






mule train

dinner on the cliff

another fine beer


my quad


a walk in Oia La









the old castle



old port a long way down even longer coming up




on top of the island







a city covered by a volcano











hrading to red beach










the high point

black sand beach



mules making the last trip up the hill for the day

heading home








going down






Arrived in Santorini at 15:00pm off the big ferry and to our waiting bus for a drive up the cliffs to the main part of the town and our hotel. Checked in a nice hotel with ac as the weather is quite warm, a bit of rest and a some time to do a up date to my travel log before heading out for walk in the town and some dinner with the rest of group. A nice dinner right on the side of the cliff, a stop at local bar for a couple drinks before heading back to the hotel. On the 30th I get a 4 wheeler and head off the explore the island, up to the northern part of island to Oia La a walk through the markets and to the old castle, back on the quad for a drive to the highest point of the island real nice view from there, then on to the red beach to check out the ancient ruins of the city of Akrotiri. This city was covered by volcano ash and lava and is now being uncovered, next stop to Nepiaaa Perissa (the black sand beach) went for a nice swim water was very nice. Back to hotel to meet rest of the group for our last night dinner and watch the sunset from the town of Oia La, Oct 1st we have a half day to do some more exploring of the island before we catching our 15:30 ferry back to Athens.

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