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Rest stop surprise. Was a rabbit at one time.

We made it. Parked at the cabin.

Looks like we got work to do' I am glad someone is...

We left Las Vegas at 5:00 am to avoid what was going to be their second hottest day of the year. We decided to drive all the way to our cabin in Overgaard, 320 some miles. This makes a complete round trip of around 10,000 miles. More details of the trip at a later date,favorite and not so favorite highlights and a tabulation to follow after a couple days of rest.

The only event we had on our final day was a unfortunate rabbit that we didn't know about until we stopped.

Overgaard is much cooler than home so we will be here for a while. It is nice to be at the cabin and not thinking of where we are going next. We have work to do here, as the yards are out of contro. The motorhome and car need a thorough cleaning.

Stay tuned for the finall tally!

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