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Mar 3

Leaving Nairobi for M.M.N.P. at 10 am we arrive at the East entry and Amicabres permanent campsite about 5 and then immediately off on our eve safari drive.

Mar 4 & 5 We go on an all day safari drive the first day(most impressive due to the pride of 11 lions we find basking under & in a tree). The second day we head out very early as soon as the gates open (6:30) and we are treated with a cheetah sighting almost right out of the gate! Returning by 10 and then leaving again at 4 for eve safari. In between we visited a nearby Masai village where we were treated to an inside view of their lives in the family compound. The most domininant feature being the ever present cow/livestock dung under foot and the flies on all the children, especially the very youngest.


This park is also very different than the others we have seen in that it is atypical from the rest of the Serengetti, it is rolling hills and green, very green! The small(now at the end of rainy season) rivers running thru it provide great cover and the meadows are covered with tall grasses. We find lots of bird life and quite a variety of other critters, incl. cats(serval & blotched genet, cheetah, as well as lion, we are able to observe very closeup a pride of 14 which included 5 cubs!). Being at the far N. end of the Serengetti this is where the wildebeest & zebra herds head in June/July for the big migration of the millions that is so impressive!

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