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Crikey! Ohh he's cranky... etc etc

ANOTHER random lizard trying to get our attention! The buggers are everywhere!

A puppy dingo. Doesn't look like it could eat a child does...

Gareth ;-)

I mean, um... a camel! Yes - a camel!

A nasty snarling (very tame) croc!

Yes - you're a very scary croc!

Croc eats rabbit.

Mmmm. Tasty bunny for lunch.


Helen and "Steve" wrestle a croc. Close one.

Skippy goes for a bounce!

Skippy poses for us!

Gareth hangs with the elephants!

Helen's sister Rachel checks out the elephant scene!

The elephant eats its microwave meal. Mmm. McCain chips again!

Super Suction!

Helen feeds the beast!

Gareth does 'his bit' for ecology. Right, now where's the pub!??

Another Koala moment!

Helen with a cute random bird

The zoo takes a wombat for a walk!

Gareth asks "Kan ik drie pannenkoeken alstublieft hebben?" but the eagle doesn't...

Look in the water: Brrr.

Aw Yeeeah! Helen looks sooo cool!

G knows...

Hey ho!

G'day mate!

"Ohhhh crikey... you're alright mate"

"He's reaaaally cranky!"


Australia Zoo - the home of Steve Irwin!

The zoo specialises in Crocs and other nasty animals, but also had some camels, elephants and tigers, all being kept in captivity.

Steve, of course, wasn't there, although you could get your picture taken with a cardboard cutout. The shop was overflowing with Steve Irwin memorabelia (fridge magnets, pens etc) - So we played "find the most random piece of Steve Irwin gear" - a great game! Highlights were the "tubemate" and you know those pens that have solution at the top of them so that if you turn them upsidedown something moves along the pen inside? This one had Steve Irwin going into a croc! Like it a lot - 10/10

Tubemate wins though.

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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