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the narrow gorge into which a 2km wide wall of falling water...

the zulu dance troop showing us their moves

with the locals, tee hee only joking, its art in the local...

the local road into town

a tiny part of the falls

a curtain

James sitting opposite the Zambia side of the falls

these little fellas were everywhere

our hut with the traditional thatched roof

how we spent the rest of our days

Hi guys, sorry for the delay yet again in my updates of this site but the last few days have been a huge adventure and a hassle at the same time!!

We left Hong Kong at midnight on Thurs night and took the mammoth 13hr flight to Johannasburg in South Africa, where we whiled away another 5 hrs before we got straight back on the plane for the 2hr flight up to the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls. Taking in the 6hr time difference we had been on the go for well over 30hrs and were tired and smelly!!!

Then to my horror, who's bag, with everything in it didnt make it all the way with me, only my back pack! What a night mare, no clothes, freezing night time temps and nothing to shower and change into, just horrible! You will be plaesed to know that it arrived a full 24hrs after i did and was delivered to the hostel, this was after i had worn James's clothes and resupplied myself with the basics, which was an effort in itself as I am about to tell you!

It appears that Zimbabwe is experianceing an econmic crash and there hasn't been any stock on any shelves in any shops for over a month now. To make matters worse we arrived with no money as is the norm, we had researched and were well aware of the numerous atms here in vic falls! What we didnt know is that if you draw money out of the bank the legal way, the exchange rate is 250 zim dollars to 1 us dollar. Thats fine, we checked on the universal curreny site before we got here. What we didnt know is that the black market excjange rate is 150,000 zim dollars to 1 us!!!!! Can you imagine, what little things are in the shops are all priced at this rate. so a bottle of water costs you 50,000 zim dollars, fine if you have american currency to exchange on the black market. Then the water only costs you 30 cents, however if like us you have to get cash from the cash machine at 250 zim dollars to the 1 us that same bottle of water now costs 200 us dollars!!!!! Its madness!!!

So with no money at all we had to take a trip over the borded into Zambia, just to access the cash machines there, draw out Kuachas, the zambian currency, then exchange it for american dollars amd then take that back accross the border to exchange it on the black market for local zim dollars!!! Phewww at least we had money now, and while we wre there we also went to the supermarket and stocked p on fresh veggis, bread and milk, none of which you can get here!

During all this excitment we did get to watch a traditional zulu dance troop who came around the hostel and today we have been to the mighty falls to view them for ourselves and got soaked with all the spray but it was awe inspiring!!!

All in all it has been a rough ride for our first few days in Africa but the people here are really friendly and keen to accept you, with no hint of danger so far!

We are looking forward to an excellent last few weeks of our brilliant journey and will be heading down to south africa on saturday. In the mean time I am going accross another border tomorrow into Botswana for a ful day game drive which i cant wait for!!!

Sorry there wiont be any pics till we get down south, we are using a dial up connection and i have aged 3 years just waiting for this page to load!!!

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