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This was at Campsite in Plano

Derricks at Kilgore


Pottery in Marshall

Parked by the Trains going past

At the Railroad Museum

Watching the trains go past

Donna's House we visited.

Town Square Marshall

How they change Cat's Eyes in the US

Old Store in Jefferson


A Bee's nest on a wall about 4" in height

Caddo Lake

Spanish Moss hanging from the Cypress Tree's


Used to be a Tea shop/Bar



2 Beavers lying side by side

Wal trying to do a Crossword!!

This is a STOP SIGN in a road in Jefferson

Yellow Dust comes from this

Well Folks we are heading for Shreveport on Sunday Morning, will finally be in Louisiana. Finally uploaded all of the photo's onto the last entry, WiFi very slow in Gladewater, hopefully faster at next campsite, where I will also fill in what we have been up to the last few days.

Everywhere we travel at the moment the car and us gets covered in Yellow Dust, it gets in everywhere, it comes of the Big Pine Trees, its the time of year.

Temp- 84/29

While in Gladewater we travelled around abit to various towns/places, Marshall was one town like a lot of towns out here not always a lot to see except a few historic buildings. There was also a railroad museum which we did not go into just looked at the old trains, also a pottery here. The best part of the day was when we got talking to a lady outside her house she did B & B, she invited us to sit with her on her porch telling us all about Marshall and the history, we then got invited in to see her historic house, it was amazing every room full of antiques from the 1880's. Donna was a lovely kind lady and so interesting.

We wandered around the shops afterwards but Wal found a music shop and guess what he bought ANOTHER Guitar well this one is going home with us somehow, at least it did not cost as much as a new camera!!!

Friday we drove to Tyler and Palestine Lake, we visited a Rose Garden there as well, but a bit early for Roses out here, they should have been out but the weather has not been good out here recently.

Saturday our last day in Gladewater we drove quite a way to Jefferson & Caddo Lake. We only allowed a few hours to stop at Jefferson on route to the Lake but wished we could have spent alday there, the write up on it was not very good, but it was the most quaintest town we had seen so far, loads to see and do, loads of antique shops where I got another pair of childs antique shoes to add to my collection.

We then drove onto Caddo Lake where I had booked to go on a pontoon around the lake it should have been an Old Paddle Steamer but it was not working. Amazing Lake the only Lake in Texas that is not created artifically, the 35,000-acre lake is characterized by seven century old cypress trees draped in an eternal manner with heavy curtains of Spanish moss. The pontoon could get in closer to the trees and this is how we saw Beavers twice laying on top of their homes.

If you went in a canoe you could get right into the swamp areas and this is where the Alligators are, not sure I would want to be in a canoe so near to one.

Easter is a lot different to ours back home did not see any Chocolate Easter Eggs, they buy plastic easter eggs of all different sizes and fill them up, plus loads of things related to easter in a BIG way, bunnies, chicks etc

The work man changing the cat's eyes there were 3 in the gang, one popped the old one out, the next one put tar in the hole, then the last man put in a new cat's eye.( See Photo )

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