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Arrived safe and sound in Detroit at around 4:30. A bit of a misunderstanding in Minneapolis - the plane went on to Detroit after a stop in Minnie but our ticket had us switched to the Detroit flight across the hall. We never checked the flight number- assuming that we would come back to the plane we arrived on - so we left our carry on luggage in the overhead bin. When we went to get back on board we were told that our flight was leaving ten minutes later and was at gate ll not gate 10. Tom had to scramble on board to remove our luggage and then meet me across the hall. Of course we were the last ones on so there wasn't any overhead space left . We ended up having to check the luggage - at least we didn't pay the $15 dollar checked baggage fee.

After touching down in Detroit, we picked up our rental car and headed straight for downtown . We arrived in time to have dinner with Owen. He looks terrific and seems happier than when we visited at Christmastime. He had been house sitting in Royal Oak for his friend who moved to Idaho and hadn't sold before relocation. That young man has been fortunate enough to find a renter so Owen has temporarily moved in with his brother. Now, with us being here, we are referring to this as the Hotel Spencer Burke.

Found a mound of mail when we got to Spencer's and it took a good long time to open and sort . When that was organized we unpacked, stowed the suitcases, and are ready for our stay. Tom has a haircut appointment at 9am and I have one at 4 . I am meeting some girlfriends for dinner at 6 and so the fun begins!

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