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We took a day trip with the horse up the mountain to...

Along the way we pass by river and bridges

The kids hiked happily with the dogs

When tired, we took turn riding on the horse

After 2.5 hours of uphill climb we reached the the Village

In the village, we saw an electric pole made of tree branch

For lunch, we collected some dry branches, built a bonfire, and threw...

It was one of the most interesting expeience eating potatoes that we...

On Saturday, we decided to have a family hiking/horse riding trip to villages a bit farthur away, about 3-5 hours roundtrip. It was quite an enjoyable trip, seeing rushing river, simple bridges, green mountains, and ethnic houses and minorties along the way. It was also a good chance for the horse to get use to a longer trip with us. Paz, our dog, also had fun going up and down the hills and green pastures, instead of being chained up in the house. At end of the trip, however, he was dead tire.

After 2.5 hours, we arrived at the Village at about 2900m. It consists of 3 natural villages (lower, middle, and upper) and consists entirely of Yi minority. The houses were more simple than those in our village as it is more remote and higher up on the mountain. There is no telephone line but there is electricity. The electric pole was simply a long tree branch, giving it an interesting look. Along the way, we saw adults and kids helping to dig up the potatoes from the ground as it is harvest time. We also saw people letting their horses and goats graze along the mountain slope. There is an elementry school there but this year it is not in use because there is no school teacher. The children had to walk 1.5 hours each way everyday to go to a far away school. As we walk there, we pray for the people there.

An highlight of the trip is baking potatoe for our lunch. Following the tradition of the people here, we brough along some potatoes for the trip. After finding an appropriate clearing, we gather some dry branches and began to build a bonfire. Then we threw in the potatoes into the fire. After 10-15 minutes, we took out the burnt potatoes that have been deliciously baked in natural fire. After peeling off the burnt skin, we enjoyed delicious potatoes. It was simple but simply delicious.

After 5 hours, we arrived back, happy and filled.

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