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Fraser Island approaches

The view from our *classy ferry

Fraser Island - A World Heritage Site

Cute photo of two fishermen in the sun...

Our bus - apparently its been to every desert in the world!

Helen gets the pose on in front of our snazzy bus

The whole Godrey posse - never miss a photo op! Clive -...

Rachel on the beach with her XXXX hat!

75 mile beach on Fraser Island

"The Pinnacles" rock formation

The Kowarra, sunk by the Japanese in 1944!

The Kowarra

Through the port-hole!

More views of the sunken ship...


Along the side - this thing is big!

Fish has made their home in the ship!

The boat has slowly been breaking up and sinking into the beach

A great shot - looking inside the hull

Some parts of the boat are leaning quite dramatically!

The rainforest comes right onto the beach

Helen's Mum makes her way across the river... (Sorry Lynda!)

Helen, walking up Eli Creek

Martin in Eli Creek

Andrew does his best not to get too wet!

Helen with her sister Rachel

Helen showing off!

A work of art... the one and only

Martin and Gareth

Helen's mother and sister, Lynda and Rachel

Gareth at Fraser Island

Looking up the side of a huuge Pine Tree

Fraser Island rainforest

Fraser Island rainforest

Fraser Island rainforest

Fraser Island rainforest

Fraser Island rainforest

"Steve" shows off a tree...!

Ahhhh... the dream teem! Gareth at one of the great lakes at...

So good - we'll show it from a different angle!

Gareth at one of the lakes of Fraser Island

Dingo alert!

The ferry to Fraser Island - it's not exactly P&O Portsmouth is...

So we only went to Fraser Island for one day...

But my god did they manage to pack a lot into it! We went via Hervey Bay - it's pretty much the closest area to the island, which incidentally, is massive - some 70 miles long. As Helen's family were leaving the country on Tuesday we really had to get a move on and pack as much in as possible, which is why we only went to Fraser for the day - so it was more of a taster for us as we intend to travel back later in the year on our way back down the East Coast from Cairns - so watch this space!

On the day we took the ferry over then met up with our driver, Steve. As we only went for the day we didn't take a 4X4 over there (Fraser Island is made up of 100% sand based roads), we took a package based bus tour - but then even the bus had huge wheels - it's built for the desert!

The driver took us through the rain forest and down to the main beach, cleverly called "70 Mile Beach". That's a name straight of the Aussie book of original names. Once down there we took a scenic flight around the Island! It was only $60 for a 20 minute flight - bargain! The flight was a bit bumpy at times, but we still managed to hang on and take some photos!

After the flight we checked out Eli creek, which we walked through - check the pics! We then drove across the beach to the main resort on the island where we took lunch: a buffet with curry and fish! Crazy mix of food but it was all good - we enjoyed it none the less.

From there the driver took us on a walk of the rainforest, showing us whee the white settlers kicked out all the Aboriginals so they could begin logging. It seems to be a similar story all over Australia - if it's not logging, then it's water, or ore, or just because they want to get rid of them.

The driver then took us to an amazing fresh water area called Lake Birrabeen, where we swam in the afternoon. It's strange, because we are so used to swimming in salt water! this fresh water lake was like swimming in Evian! The bus driver told us that the sand on the lake bed had great silica properties and we should clean our hair with it, so we did... Do you think he had the last laugh on that one - seeing 30 people caking sand in their hair? He said it would take 5 years off our age! Does that mean that Gareth will only look 9 years old now??? Eeek!??

We can report that we both still get ID'd regularly, but Helen argues that it's only because she is with Gareth! Grr!!


Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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