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our first glimps of Hong Kong Island

people everywhere!

a typical hong kong main street

Hi everyone

we finally made it and did the short 3hr flight up to Hong Kong. We are now offically in China. although i doubt Hong Kong is anything like the real China!!

Its soooooooooo expensive, we are paying 20quid for a room with shared bathroom, thats compared to the 3quid we have been paying ove rhte last 5 months!!! But hey we are only here for 5 days so we should be ok.

Hong Kong is busy, very busy me and James think its like an ants nest! Everyone is scurring everywhere in lines on the pavement and even in the shops coz if you didnt, there's that many people that it would come to a total stand still!

It's very modern, with 10 story shopping malls and glass sky scrapers, neon lights and video bill boards, and on the other hand you can go into the back streets and find traditional markets, chinese herbal shops and still see people washing there clothes outside!

We are staying on Hong Kong island, which is where the main business, shopping and financial center is. There are four main areas to Hong Kong, 2 islands and 2 areas connected to mainland China. Today we are gonna go over the harbour to another area, Kowloon, to see the night market and hopefully a laser show. Its big celebrations over here as its been 10 years this july that Britian gave Hong Kong back to China.

Anyway thats all for now, will have more pics when we have done more sight seeing!

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