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Upper Klamath Lake south of Crater Lake.

Hwy 97 follows the East shoreline to Klamath Falls.

Another state for Gophie.

A clearer shot.

Eagle Lake along Ca. Hwy. 139.

A view of Eagle Lake from the East side.

View from the top outside of Susanville CA.

Susanville from the desent.

Just dropped close to 2000' in 5 miles.

View of the hotel we got married at 33 years ago, from...

Gophie wanted to vist downtown.

Night shot of the casino from the parking lot.

There is no doubt we are heading home to Arizona.

We are at the 100 day mark of the trip. We are in Reno and the drive here is not as exciting as we experienced in the Alaska countryside. We are in River Edge Campground. It advertises that it is on the river and every site is shaded. The shade sounded great since we are now in the summer heat. What it didn't say was it's by the airport. Oh Well! We have adapted. We went to a movie yesterday. It felt like we were home until we came outside and went back to the motorhome. The strangest feeling it gave was....Our Alaska Adventure is behind us. We are back to the big city life!

The plan is to head toward Vegas. It will be a two day drive to get there. From Vegas we are going to our cabin in Heber/Overgaard, AZ and stay until after the labor day weekend.

Once we are there we will review the trip and post some highlights and things we would suggest for someone else if they plan an Alaska adventure.

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