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Coming into land at Dallas

Driving through Dallas to get to Plano

The dreaded Flyovers, we went on the top one Tuesday in the...

New & Old Fort Worth

Chiurch - Fort Worth


Viburnum at the Botancial Gardens in Dallas


The Cross on the road marks where John F Kennedy was shot.

Downtown Dallas


This tall building sways in the wind


Largest Bronze Movement in the World




The Dallas Morning News

Plant Market in Dallas Downtown


Friday 26th- Picked our RV up about 10.00am then headed out to stay at Plano not far out of Dallas, we stayed here as Bob & Carol friends we had met in Yosemite were here as well. We all dined out that night at a Mexican which Wal now has a taste for.

Saturday 27th- Headed over to Fort Worth this morning to look up some more friends Gary who has a antique shop where also his mother helps run an incredible lady of 80, who also took a trip to England last year with another of her son's. While there bought a few bits.

Then drove to Downtown Fort Worth we have been here before but the buildings are amazing to see plus needed to find a book shop to get a map on Louisana.

Sunday 28th- We drove out to Dallas Arboretum Botancial Gardens,so many different Tulips, loads of different plants/trees all flowering, we had lunch there then drove to Downtown Dallas, we could not leave the area without this trip, thinking we would not be this way again. The buildings Old & New very tall like Fort Worth, one very tall glass building sways when it is very windy. We walked around the area where John F Kennedy was shot, a guy was telling people thar he had been there when it had happened but kept quite for over 11 years before writing a book about it all, so many witnesses had met unusual deaths.

Monday 29th- Back to Dallas again to see the The World's Largest Bronze Movement where there are 40 Longhorn Steers been driven by 3 cowboys on horseback, amazing to see so many large bronze statues together.

Visited the Farmers Market where that day they had a massive plant display and Fruit & Vegetables. Dined again at the Mexican with Bob.

Tuesday 30th- We are now in Gladewater, we travelled over 130 miles today, lovely campsite and gorgeous weather of late 70's. It will be getting hotter now as we travel East. We drove over to Kilgore where our nearest Walmart is, while we were there we looked round Kilgore looks like a dying town so many empty shops. Kilgore is home to the World's Richest Acre, Kilgore has the mammoth success of the Great Texas Oil Field Discovery in 1930, with loads of Derricks still standing from tears ago. The World's Richest Acre produced more than two and half million barrels of crude oil.

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