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our new steeds! No peddling required!

At the main roundabout, and the only monument in town!

on the beach

and in the pool

hello guys

sorry we haven't writen for a while but we have moved down to the far south of the country to a small beach town called Sihanouk ville and the internet is rubbish! We have been to 3 internet cafes whaile we have been here over the last few days and we coundn,t even get onto hotmail let alone anything else! We are now using our well over priced hotel internet but hey your worth it!!

Not much to report really afetr all that. The beach is gorgeous here, beutiful white soft sand and the sea is lovely and warm. We are staying in a nice hotel, abit more than we would normally pay but it has a big pool, hot water and a tv, all luxuries to us so we splashed out as we may be here a while.

We have a few weeks to kill now before we have to go back to Bangkok for our flight to Hong Kong and the last leg of our fantasic journey, so we thought there would be no better place than to spend them at the beach!

Sihanouk Ville is pretty small and at the moment it is rainy season so its pretty quiet, we had our first really sunny day yesterday and spent it on the beach and got abit burnt! Believe it or not but we still get frazeled if we are not careful, our malaria tablets make us more susceptable to sunburn and it still hurts!!

I got a french manicure and a pedicure while i was on the beach and James had all his back hairs removed by a wierd method of using string to nip and pull out the hairs. I loved my treatment, James was in serious pain but his back is lovely and smooth now, lol!!!

We also rented out bikes the other day and explored the town center and the other beaches round here, nothing too special but the bikes we ended up with were electric mountain bikes, they were awesome, no peddling up hills, fantasic!!

Thats really all we ahve to tell you at mo, we have spent way too many nights on the "buckets" already and have had a few great party nights down on the beach watching the fire shows and hustleing 2 Danish guys at pool! Just to let you know we played doubles and the score currently stands at England 8 - Denmark 2! We are doing you all proud!!

We have booked into the hotel for a week and depending on how we feel we may stay here longer or move to a samll island off the coast for a bit, we'll see.

Bye for now x

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