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The Wayward collective all gather at "Bojangles Bar", for Kangeroo steaks!

Helen's Dad, Gareth and Shorty...

Alex shows off his power moves!

Gareth and Ben at Bojangles

Um... Alex, again... looking hot mate!

Andrew and Ben on a quiet night in Alice Springs!

Andrew and his lady

Scott and Sam... always looking for the ladeez

Alex, Martin (Helen's brother) and Gareth

The scene of the crime!


You know it's very difficult at the moment keeping this diary up-to-date... The hostel I'm staying has a rubbish computer that keeps missing certain keys out and I'm not really able to get on much... but here I am about a week behind!!

So Alice anyway...

We tried to compare Alice Springs to somewhere back home, and all we could come up with is... St Just. Yep - Alice is very small town, but none the less very cute.

In the evening we went out with everybody from the Bus, so I thought I'd take this time to comment on them all and leave some thoughts...

Shorty - Bus driver and Steve Irwin / Mick Dundee type - great guy!

Ruth and Simone - Between them a handful, but great people - lovely to talk to both of them.

Sam and Scott and Alex - Dirty boys who like to 'meet' ladies! - Great guys though - Alex pulls off hot dance moves!!

Melina - Deutsch... great chat in the Kings Canyon - top girl

Andrew and girlfriend - great couple - funny times!

Irish couple - Great but where was the washing up!!!?

The American Girl - Quiet for a NY girl - but lovely none the less...

So it was all good that night... Next stop Brisbane...

Lots of love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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