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the nasties stall!

his chosen prey!!

down the hatch!!

all gone!

After the exhausting day at Angkor, we caught a bus down to the capital of Cambodia.

So far we haven't done any sight seeing just wandered around and spent the afternoon here in the internet cafe!! Phnom Penh seems very busy and smelly but the people are really nice and the river front is pretty. We are in a nice hotel for 6 dollars, everything is in dollars here, and have had a gorgeous brekkie this morn! We love being in a once french owned place, they really appreciate great bread and pastries!!

Oh yeah, while wandering yesterday we came across a very busy market stall. Can you believe it sold all kinds of edible nasties, spiders, bettles, grubs, locusts, frogs, and loads of peole were stood around just popping anything into their mouths! It wa gross but James finally got to carry out his personal challange of eating a spider!

He carefully selected his chosen meat from a basket full of the hairy things and plucked a leg off and ate it!! It was gross, he said the meat didn't taste that bad but couldn't bring himself to eat the big hairy body!! And I don't blame him, I couldn't even bring myself to touch it, lol!!!

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