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We Leave The Marina

Going Fishing

The Confluence

On The Deschutes

The Palisades

The Bridge

The Palisades


The Palisades

Red Rock

A Tree!


More Rocks

Our Road


John is awake early. It is a fishing day. We travel back to The Cove Palisades State Park.

Yesterday, I did not mention the road leading into the park. There is a steady 7% grade for about two miles. The RV made the climb yesterday so we figure she can do it again!

We check in at the marina at 8:00. Our boat is ready. We head around the point. We move from the Crooked River to the Deschutes River. We follow the river upstream to the bridge and beyond.

The canyon we are in is very picturesque but the water looks green. Pollen coats the water. We see many fish jump but they are small. No fish are caught.

We get back into boat ride mode. We travel back to the marina. From the marina, we head up the Crooked River. We see a waterfall. This area is much busier.

People are paddling kayaks. Boats are pulling water-skiers or rafts. Jets skis fly by. People are sunbathing or swimming at the day use areas. There are boat ramps. There are moorages for the houseboats. There are even floating port-a-potties. Once again, Oregon has put out a large sign that says “Have Fun.”

We have a wonderful morning on the water.

Campground: Mountain View RV

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