Gourmet Dinner


We hiked Tumalo Falls today. These falls lie slightly northwest of Bend. This was Erin's(Barb's cousin) last day in Bend. She flies home to Woodstock, IL tomorrow AM. It was a warm morning and we basked in the coolness of the hike since it follows the Tumalo creek in a cool valley as it descends from the nearby mountains. We walked to view the pictorial lower Tumalo Falls. They are quite special and drop about 100 feet in a 50 foot wide cascade. The Tumalo creek feeds the falls and then joins the Deschute River nearer to Bend. Originally a glacier lay in the fold between the canyon walls and carved the landscape one sees today. We walked up the canyon following a trail along the creek. At points the creek lay several hundred feet below us immediately beyond the trail. A couple of places one walked with care. The trail ascended through a pine forest at a reasonable angle. We hiked 650 feet vertical and about 4 miles round trip. The trail gave us excellent views of the top of the falls and brought us to three additional falls higher up. These falls were about half the size of the lower but still quite spectacular. The beauty and sound of the rushing water is mesmerizing. Erin's last day was special for her and for us. We had our celebratory dinner at Greg's-a local favorite. We dined while watching the people float by on the Deschute River.We reminisced the great times this past week. She was made an honorary member of the Wolf Pack. She was a real trooper and never faulted nor complained-we will miss her!!

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