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The whole wayward bus lot infront of the fire "TEAM KOREA!!"

On the way to Kings Canyon

On the way to Kings Canyon

On the way to Kings Canyon

On the way to Kings Canyon

At the entrance to Kings Creek Farm Station

I think she was called "Betsy".

Our camp fire

Our camp fire

Our camp fire

"Alex and Scott enjoy the great taste of Tooheys New" ;-)

Art forms:- "Fire in the corner", part IV

Gareth goes Korean


On the last full day of our time on 'The Wayward Bus', our driver Shorty took us to Kings Canyon, which is pretty much half way between Uluru and Alice Springs (although not by the crow flies, because that would be too easy!). We also camped there too - I have to say there was a great pool out there too - great for cooling off in!

The walk through Kings Canyon was quite a beast. All week temperatures had been slowly creeping up, so we knew it was going to be a killer. Besides, Shorty had promised us the walk to end all walks! When we arrived at the coach park one of the national TV stations was doing a live broadcast from there in a GMTV kind of way! I think the fella was doing the weather, but they were less than chuffed to see 25 backpackers turn up at 5.30am to ruin their day!

The start of this walk began with a climb up the canyon. This was a killer in itself, although we made it up to the top. Helen's family followed too, although Helen's mother decided to do the base-walk around the canyon.

As we got to the top, Shorty explained that Kangeroos had been nearby... we didn't really believe him, but after a while he found some 'poo' on the floor and started licking it.. "Yep... kangeroo!". Eek!! Honestly - that man is more like the 'Crocodile Hunter' than he'll admit sometimes!

Still, poo aside, Shorty led us through the canyon, showing us in great detail all the formations and wildlife. He even admited that he got married in the canyon (although is now divorced). He said that his was the first and last marriage in the Canyon. V. impressive.

The canyon is very deep ad impressive and also contained 'a waterhole', although we wee told not to swim in there as it was a bit on the foul side. Next to the waterhole was some fantastic wildlife and fauna, in an area called 'Garden of Eden' - check out the photos for yourself. We also bumped into one of the world's most toxic spiders - 'the funnel web', check the pics out!

Overall - a great day in the canyon - although in the afternoon it got very hot - the thermometer said 38C in the shade, so it must have been well over 40C in the sun.

There was some more excitement to report in the afternoon... A girl in another group had fallen over and smashed herself up a bit, so the chopper was brought in to rescue her. Four of our team (including Helen's Dad Andrew!! - HERO!!) helped with that in what can only be described as very difficult conditions - well done lads.

From there we headed back to Alice in the hot hot sun. It was good to see the sun go down that day - it was just too hot for us ;-)

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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