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April 24, 2019 Permanent Vacation

That's what my life feels like, anyway. So now that my roof is no longer leaking (hopefully) and the temperatures are warming up, it is time to start enjoying this beautiful place I live known as Colorado.

The last two mornings I have taken my next-door dog, Hombre, for his morning hike in Browns Canyon National Monument which is about 500 feet away. Actually it could be 5,000 feet because I have no skill when it comes to estimating length, which would be a very good thing if I were dating. All I know is, it is just across the bridge and takes me about 120 seconds, or 12, to walk there.

Hombre is a sweetheart of a dog. Last Sunday his “dad”, Terry, slipped on the trail and broke his fibula (or was it his tibia? Whatever the small, lower bone is....what am I, a doctor?) Terry had surgery to put in a plate yesterday and will be on crutches for a few weeks. So, being a half-assed decent neighbor I offered to take Hombre for his morning runs. I say half-assed because I have an ulterior motive. You see, having Hombre forces me to hike further, and he has already shown me two new trails. I also feel safer with him by my side; if there's a mountain lion or bear around he will know it. He is well-trained, very good both on and off the leash and comes when I call him. It has been a lot of fun, but I know that soon my fear of commitment will kick in and I will be relieved not to have the responsibilities a dog brings. Meanwhile, my sweetie is right next door whenever I need a good workout. I am still talking about the dog.

While on the trail this morning I took some pictures using Peak Finder AR, a $5 app my DIL introduced me to. I took three pics of the outstanding view from the Turret Trail from south to north. I love learning the names of the smaller peaks.

Hombre will have to do without me tomorrow because I have a really fun adventure planned. I am leaving for Colorado Springs at 7:00 am with my TSA Pre-Check application and passport in hand, likely the hand they will fingerprint. Instead of being smart and making an appointment (again with the fear of commitment) I am taking a chance that they can squeeze me in as a “walk-in”. If I am successful and also pass my background check, I will get to cut in front of the commoners, or at least it feels that way. And I won't have to worry about having holes in my socks at the airport for the next five years. I think that is worth the hassle and the $85, don't you?

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