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Here’s some of what the Lonely Planet – Australia chapter Melbourne - Victoria has to say about Cape Otway:

“Cape Otway

Majestic rolling hills provide a postcard backdrop to the town, while broad, white-sand beaches dominate the foreground. It’s an ideal base for exploring magical Cape Otway and Otway National Park.

Cape Otway is the second-most southerly point of mainland Australia (after Wilsons Promontory) and one of the wettest parts of the state. This coastline is particularly beautiful, rugged and dangerous. More than 200 ships came to grief between Cape Otway and Port Fairy between the 1830s and 1930s, which led to the ‘Shipwreck Coast’ moniker.

The Cape Otway Lighthouse is the oldest surviving lighthouse on mainland Australia and was built in 1848 by more than 40 stonemasons without mortar or cement.”



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