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The CoCo Locomoto is happily on the road again! After spending the summer in the Seattle area with our kids, grandkids and visiting with friends, we headed for Billings, MT and spent about 3 weeks with my mom, other relatives and old friends. Enjoyed our summer in Seattle and in September I went to Norway (a dream come true for me) with Stephanie and some friends for 2 weeks. What a wonderful trip it was. Stephanie and I had the opportunity to meet some relatives that live in Bergen who took us out to the Aase (Osse)farm where my maternal grandfather's parents lived in the 1850's. While there are lots of wonderful memories of things we did and saw in Norway, that was the highlight of my trip. It is such a beautiful country with lots of trees and of course the famous fjords and hundreds of waterfalls. Having been there you can certainly understand why so many Norwegians settled in Minnesota and the Seattle area to be surrounded by the same water and trees they had come from. While I was in Norway, Mike got the chance to go to Eastern Washington with Kim to go bow hunting for elk two different weekends. While they were unsuccessful in their hunt, they had a great time and lots of "guy" time together.

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